Check out here today Bhutan Teer Common Number, Bhutan Teer Hit Number, Bhutan Teer Result, Bhutan Teer making number. Here you can discover Bhutan Teer common number today, Bhutan Teer hit number today, Bhutan Teer formula.

Please inspect the following number for your next draw to win Bhutan Teer. The following is the Bhutan Teer Target or Bhutan Teer Common Number which has been computed from the previous result by the extra special winning formula.

Bhutan Teer Target Number (Hit Number)


FR: 86
SR: 54

House: 8/9
Ending: 5/7

Direct: 39, 28, 94

Hit Number: 

21 83 53 72 98 45
62 17 92 69 47 32
24 61 58 42 27 65

Common Number: 

28 42 83 67 23 62
31 82 14 25 48 56
10 37 93 16 68 34

Bhutan Teer Result

Check here today’s Bhutan Teer Result on this web page. You are on the right page to inspect your Bhutan Teer results in every day. Wish you “Best Of Luck”!

Bhutan Teer Result Today 24.7.2022
DateF/R (4:10)S/R (5:00)

Bhutan Morning Teer Result

The Live & most recent update of the Bhutan Teer Lottery game Result 2022 with Lucky Number List is shared on this webpage. The participants can inspect the Winning Numbers for the 24 July 2022 Morning Teer Games & Evening Bhutan Teer Game.

Bhutan Morning Teer Result Today 24.07.2022
First Round – 10:25 AMSecond Round – 11:25 AM

Bhutan Morning Teer Common Number

Many people look for Bhutan Teer Common Number and Bhutan Morning Teer target number hence we are clearing that both things are the same. The ones who have joined the lottery game on July 24 be able to inspect the target number & winning numbers for the day by landing on our webpage.

On this page, we bring up to date the daily Bhutan Morning Teer Common Number.

Bhutan Morning Teer Common Number

About Bhutan Teer Common Number

As the name implies “Common Numbers”, These numbers are almost all common numbers in the Bhutan Teer Previous Results. These numbers are fully founded on particular calculations using arithmetical formulas on the old results of Bhutan Teer.

As these numbers are turned out from the previous results, almost all of the players set their bet/teer Baazi on the Bhutan Common Number.

We reveal a list of “Bhutan Teer Common Number Today” on this page so you can bookmark this webpage to get these numbers.

Bhutan Teer Common Number (Hit Number)

Bhutan Teer is one of the most exoteric Teer Lottery Games, which has acquired much popularity These days in Bhutan. Now Bhutan Teer occurs the most exoteric Lottery after the Satta Matka Game Ban in Bhutan. In Bhutan, Teer Players hope to Win The Great Amount and want to inspect Bhutan Teer Result List Like the 1st Winner List, 2nd Winner List. Here is the Below Bhutan Teer Today 24.7.2022 Common Number List, Latest Draw Result, and Bhutan Teer Winner List of Bhutan Teer Lottery.

Bhutan Teer Common Numbers 24.7.2022

Bhutan Teer Dream Number 

If we go into reality there is no particular Bhutan Teer dream number. It looks enjoyable in case we state there are separate dream Nos for each Teer game. However, at the same time, we provide Teer Shillong Dream numbers on another page. You can visualize your last night’s dreams and put your target for the present Meghalaya Teer game. All over India Shillong is a graceful place and Teer Game makes it more Special!

Bhutan Teer Hit Common Number? 

The Bhutan Teer hit common number will be introduced in some mathematical evaluations, The Bhutan Teer representative number will be issued from the past Bhutan Teer result. Remain related with this page and obtain the latest reports on Bhutan Teer Common Number, Bhutan Teer House Ending Number.

What is the Bhutan Teer equation? 

The Bhutan Teer recipe is only a calculation that is made use of to find out the victorious number from previous days’ Bhutan Teer results. Experts have their own calculations to compute the victorious number. The completeness of the above numbers has been composed by a unique Bhutan Teer champ master.

About Bhutan Teer: 

  • In Meghalaya itself, there are various Teer-betting centres that are working. Reliably, the tickets are sold from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. At 3:30 pm sharp, the toxophilite meeting starts.
  • The betting substructure is uncomplicated. A part needs to compute the last two digits of the total number of arrows that are shot in a day. Whoever obtains the digits right, is the winner.
  • It happens in two rounds. First-round is at 3:45 pm and the second-round 4:45 pm. In the main cycle, 50 toxophilite shoots 30 arrows. In the resulting one, 20 arrows are shot.
  • The lottery happens for 6 days in seven days. Sundays are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bhutan Teer Common Number:

  1. How to figure out Bhutan Teer Common Number? Bhutan Teer Hit Number is the number that is essential for you. These numbers are ascertained by the experts examining dreams, past outcomes, or some other recipe.
  2. What is the Best Bhutan Teer Common Number Formula? Best Teer Common Number Formula is a calculation that is unusually difficult to find out. In spite of the reality, you can figure out by examining Dream Analyze, History Analyze, Date Breakdown, and Playing Club History.
  3. What is the Bhutan Teer counter (hit number) on Facebook? Bhutan Teer Common Number (hit number) Facebook is only Teer Counter Hit Number (Real Rita Devi) which is on Facebook. On the off possibility that you require to interface with Bhutan Teer Counter Hit Number (Real Rita Devi) ensue this blog page which is given formerly.
  4. What is Bhutan Teer 99% sure number? Bhutan Teer Common Number 99% sure number is the number that has a 99% chance to be the victorious number. 99 Teer Number is ascertained by the Teer master utilizing previous day results and various diagrams and mathematical equations.


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Lotteries are too risky in nature so we do not encourage any type of lottery or gambling on our website. As Bhutan Teer is authorized by the State Government of Meghalaya but we only tell that the high risks are engaged so you will be the only person who is liable for earnings and losses.

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